Additive manufacturing offers multiple advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques such as the possibility to manufacture complex geometries, a quick time-to-market, just-in-time production, waste and energy reduction, and so on. Additive manufacturing is a tool-less, mould-less manufacturing method through which fully dense parts can be mass produced with high precision in a short space of time. Parts are constructed in accordance with a digital 3D model which gives you greater flexibility. Design changes can be easily made which enables you to fulfill your customer's wishes and requirements.

This novel manufacturing method involves constructing parts layer-by-layer which makes it possible to create intricate shapes and internal features that would otherwise be out of the question. The combination of mass production and the manufacturability of complex geometries will up the ante for many organizations. 

Here at Smit Röntgen we supply exclusively pure tungsten parts made by Powder Bed Laser Melting, a metal additive manufacturing technique which comes close to the net shape of a part. Pure tungsten belongs to the metal class of refractory metals, which are characterized by having a melting point higher than platinum (1,772°C / 3,222F / 2,045K) and extraordinary resistance to wear and heat. Additionally, pure tungsten is known for its excellent X-ray absorption, low vapor pressure, high level of hardness, high density, high level of stiffness, strenght at high temperatures and its resistance to most acids and bases. 

Tungsten is known pre-dominantly for its use in filaments in incandescent lamps. As well as in the lighting industry, tungsten is also frequently used in the medical, nuclear energy, electronic, electrical and chemical industries. For more information about the versatility of tungsten and its areas of application click here

The essential properties of pure tungsten are shown below:   

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