Owning a 3D printer is only the beginning of the process - what is most important is the process knowledge. We are developing our process knowledge by collaborating with one of the major system builders in the industry and by partnering with leading specialists in the field. We strive not only to provide added value to our customers but also to push the boundaries of the metal additive manufacturing industry. By maintaining a clear focus on innovative product and process development, we are determined to develop this technology further and to redefine the future of design. 

In order to develop the additive manufacturing process further it is essential to have access to in-house verification and validation to ensure short design cycles. Therefore to further develop this technology we have invested in post-processing and measurement equipment with the result that we are able to offer a complete in-house supply chain process from design creation to product verification. This expertise is an important element of the 3D printing process and is key for the final appearance and functionality of the product. By remaining highly focused on process and product development, we are able to achieve low tolerances of 25 um and wall thicknesses of 100 um which are ground-breaking within the industry. 

Below a short summary of our current capabilities: 

  • Maximum product size of 230 x 230 x 200 mm
  • Minimum feature size of 100 um
  • Minimum tolerance of 25 um
  • Minimum wall thickness of 100 um
  • High aspect ratios (1:700)
  • Short design cycle
  • Minor product adaptations possible (to optimize design for assembly)
  • High flexibility in product design
  • High density 

Based on your three-dimensional product design, we will work together with you to optimize the CAD model and then take care of the complete production process. No expensive moulds during this process, which means we can be very flexible to accomodate to your specific needs. Throughout the entire process we strive to provide excellent customer service and deliver superior quality. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. 

We look forward to exploring the metal additive manufacturing playing field with you to see where we can add value. If you would like to discuss your ideas with us, click here to contact us directly by email or call us on +31 40 27 62707.