A decade ago, medical imaging component manufacturer Smit Röntgen, a Philips brand, started to explore the potential of additive manufacturing pure tungsten products. Smit Röntgen is now a leading manufacturer capable of controlled processing pure tungsten via the additive manufacturing technique Powder Bed Laser Melting. This technology is one of the most promising AM technologies that is used for manufacturing small complex metallic parts. 

From the start we have collaborated with one of the major system builders in the additive manufacturing industry and partnerships with specialists in the field. Therefore extensive know-how is jointly developed on every step of the process. In addition, by exclusively focusing on the refractory metal pure tungsten, we ensure superb accuracy, reliability, product flexibility and quality. To further develop the technology we have invested extensively in production, post-processing and measurement equipment.

Smit Röntgen was founded in Leiden, the Netherlands in 1930. With a history of more than 80 years, we are one of the most advanced manufacturers of X-ray solutions in the world. Our factory is currently located on the Philips HealthTech campus in Best, the Netherlands from where our products are shipped to almost all major companies throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and South America. In addition to developing and manufacturing parts for medical applications we have also started to design and manufacture parts for industrial use. All of our products are produced in accordance with the highest industry standards. Statistical Process Control (SPC), automated processes and final testing, guarantee high quality products and the best possible performance. 

On a corporate level, Philips HealthTech embraces the philosophy of sustainability and green manufacturing. Our process ties in with that philosophy because tungsten powder is fully recyclable. No other materials are added during the 3D printing process. We place great importance on compliance with environmental standards, and both our process and products are RoHS compliant.

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