Smit Röntgen Fiber Interspaced Grids

The Smit Röntgen product range comprises both standard grids, mammography grids and grids designed for special applications. The low absorption because of the fiber interspacer gives a higher SNR with detectors in digital applications, and a significant dose advantage over aluminum interspaced grids. Our grids can be delivered with any focal distance between 70 cm and 300 cm, also we offer parallel grids. Because of their low weight, our grids are the optimal solution for use with a portable flat panel detector.

Pure tungsten parts made by Powder Bed Laser Melting

Medical Imaging component manufacturer Smit Röntgen, a Philips brand, is a leading manufacturer capable of controlled processing pure tungsten via the metal additive manufacturing technique Powder Bed Laser Melting. This novel, unique and patented 3D printing technology offers great freedom of design and allows the manufacturability of custom-made highly complex shaped parts from pure tungsten.